Wednesday, June 12, 2013

DIY - Your first market stall

Want to have your own craft stall or perhaps already do but love to find out how others do it? I found this lovely article via Retro Mummy. I think it has some great and simple tips on conducting your market stall. The following is some of the tips that she recommends:

1. Be organised.
Make a list of everything you need to take on the day and tick off as you pack it. My usual last minute supplies that I need to top up on in the last week are paper bags, price tags and updated price signs.
2. Have plenty of business cards or flyers on hand.
 I learnt early on to skip the fancy business cards for markets and save them for conferences and meetings. I go for vistaprint as I was using a box of pretty glossy moo cards in a morning so I now buy by the 500 or so and it’s much more economical. Make your own flyers on a printer and pop one in each bag too. Cheap and easy.
3. Dress for style and comfort.
Even if you’ve been up late sewing for a week or so layout some clothes that you know you look and feel good in. For me it’s my favourite white shirt, jeans and silver birkenstocks (the comfort part) or a simple dress – you’ll be on your feet all day with no time to sit down but you also are the face of your business and your stall. It’s worth looking nice. Trust me.
4. Smile and talk.
Being a total chatster myself, one of the things I love about a market is all the chatting I get to do. But it can be daunting standing at your stall with strangers walking by – will they stop, will they keep walking, what do you say? My secret is just keep smiling, adjust things, straighten those business cards. When someone comes up to the stall always say hi and I say just let me know if there is anything you’re after! Just remember this is fun. Even if you’re having a crappy day just keep smiling!
We hope to bring you some more tips - so pop back regually and don't miss a beat. And show Retro Mummy some love for sharing her tips on her blog for us.


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