Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Great Tasmanian Maker

Here at MWL we are looking to extend our support for Tasmanian creative types. 
We want to promote them - to pimp them out to the wider world. Because we think they are pretty special.
We love what they do and feel their unique qualities and talents should be seen by more people.

So proudly I would love to present our "Great Tasmanian Maker" program.
Here we will feature an artist/artist/crafts person - their studio/workspace - and have a chat with them about what they do.

The artist of the month will get huge promotion on our blog and market facebook page, a blog badge and the distinction of becoming one of our favorite movers and shakers in our beautiful state.

Sounds interesting.... you say ....Where do I sign up? You say...well first the rules...

Criteria = Must reside and create in Tasmania
That is all.

We are already working on bringing you our first Maker but we are on the look out to discover some more.

If you feel like you would love to be one of our great Tasmanian Makers then please email madewithlovebazaar (at) gmail (dot) com with a short description of what you do and where you live (photos are good too) and you will be placed on the selection list. You must be prepared to be photographed - interviewed and generally pimped out.
I also have another task that will be required of our artist but that is all a bit hush hush right now.

So do it! Lets make you a super star 


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